Free Range

Watching all of the coverage of the democratic convention this week has reminded me how much I miss Colorado.  Seeing all of the puff pieces on the local culture brings to mind a time in my life where I felt complete freedom.  As a kid, I could ride my bike just about anywhere in town.  The bus would take me anywhere else I cared to visit.  Around the time I got my driver’s license, gas was about $0.79 a gallon.  For a couple of bucks, I could freely roam the city, the mountains or the farmland within a 50 mile radius.  Denver, Evergreen, Boulder, Fort Collins even occasionally Cheyenne were places I frequented. 


Today I limit my travel mostly to and from work.  I rarely go for a drive.  Given the state of the planet, those days may be a thing of the past.  But it is fun to remember the days of being free to roam.


One comment on “Free Range

  1. This blog reminded me of 1972, when I started driving as a junior in high school in Red Bank (suburb of Chattanooga, Tennessee, S-A-L-U-T-E).

    Gas was 0.24 per gal.

    And I do not make that up.


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