I Strongly Believe

I had a friend my first year of college that prefaced almost every statement with, “I strongly believe.”  The older I get the less this sentiment resonates with me.  In my twenties, I was dogmatic about a lot of things.  Chief among my strong beliefs were my views on faith and politics.  On both points, I was accused of being way too liberal.  (Oddly enough I did vote republican, once.  That was a disaster.  I will not make that mistake again.)  Now though my views are all over the map, I am much less dogmatic.  Some of my viewpoints are quite radical, not many…but some.


But in today’s climate, I rarely talk politics or religion.  Why?  Because the vast majority of people I know are incapable of seeing shades of gray.  I have been involved in too many discussions that devolved into the Mcglocklin Group.  Rarely do I hear someone say, “I see your point, however, blah blah blah.”  More often it is, “That is ridiculous.  How can you believe that and still be a Christian!?”  Nice.  If you can’t come up with a counter argument assume you are holding God’s point of view and smite thy adversary.  It must be nice being an oracle.


So I am going to duck in a dark corner for the next two months.  And I will either be pleased or mildly disappointed.  In either case, I will keep my big mouth shut…


…because Gawd (a deep fried southern deity) told me so.


Feel free to comment on this posting.  But beware.  If you do not agree with me, Gawd will give you rectal cancer.  And there is no Charmin in hell.


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