Father of the Year

It is 4:16 and I am hard at work (perhaps hardly).  I am listening to Carmina Burana.  Oh for more tuna.  There is something fishy about that last sentence.


So I had a weird dream the other night.  Here is what I remember.


I am walking through my house when I look out a window and realize that there is a secret balcony just outside the window.  I look out and see about 10 dogs and several bird feeders.  I step out onto the balcony and play with the dogs.  One of the dog is hanging on my arm by his teeth, but it does not leave a mark or hurt.  I sit down and the dogs turn into children.  For whatever reason, they come with the house.  They ask me if I am their father now and I tell them yes. 


I hear Jenn calling me to go to dinner.  I head back in through the window and the children start to follow me.  I tell them that their place is on the balcony and we will put food out for them.  They are not allowed in the house.


I wake up.


2 comments on “Father of the Year

  1. does this dream have to do with Barack Obama in some way? My husband tells me I try to relate everything to Barack Obama’s evil ways. So i thought I would try here.

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