Moment of Truth

Today Jenn and I are meeting with Ethan’s new teacher and the school nurse.  I call this entry the moment of truth because I have found that people in general have one of two reactions when they hear the word incontinent.  Either they do the “oh, ok…no big deal” or you get the deer in the headlights.  If you get the deer, it is going to be a long year.  Last year’s teacher found disabilities inconvenient to her teaching schedule.  She was quick to marginalize and when she went on maternity leave, there was much celebration in the Roberts household.  Her replacement, a student teacher, thought it was no big deal and made the rest of the year a delight.


Sooooooo which teacher will we get this year.  On the surface, she sounds good, 20-odd years of teaching, but you just never know.


Fingers are crossed.


2 comments on “Moment of Truth

  1. I was stressing out about this with 5 hours of preschool a week. So the stress when the kids going to be in there 40 hours a week? Don’t want to think about it.

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