Paging Dr. Jellyfinger

This morning I had my annual (mmm…well…bi-decade) physical.  Since I am over 40, I had a visit from Dr. Jellyfinger.  My doctor and I are friends, so I sang “Getting to know you” during the deed.  Considering the awful things I have had to do to Ethan over the years.  I decided 30 seconds of being uncomfortable was in order.


Speaking of Ethan, today at 1, they are posting the new class rosters at Mill Run Elementary.  We are hoping for a much more sympathetic teacher this year.  Shall we say that last year’s teacher found all of the limitations “irritating.”  I hope she gets rectal cancer…did I really say that?  Tomorrow we have to teach two school nurses how to cath.  Luckily Ethan caths himself most of the time.  Hopefully it will not be too much of a circus sideshow.


Later today we are going off to buy school supplies.  I always loved buying school supplies when I was a kid.  A former pastor of mine said this and I think it is very true.  September is the REAL New Year, not January.  September is about renewing old friendships and making new ones.  It is about starting out fresh with a clean slate.  A whole new world of opportunities is open. 


I wish as adults the slate was occasionally wiped clean.  Much of adulthood involves carrying a lot of baggage.  More about that soon.


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