Duct Tape, a Theology

Let me be very upfront.  I believe in evolution.  If not interfered with, only the fittest life forms will survive.  The weak are doomed to die.  But these are not permanent asignments, they are dynamic.  Sometimes we are the fittest. Eventually, we all become weak and die.  But within these somewhat rigid boundaries, there is a lot of flexibility.  Fighting against evolution is what makes us human.  It is the basis of faith and religion.  And I think it is what makes us somewhat unique.  We humans love to find brokenness and find value in the idy-bidy pieces.  We do our best to duct tape the parts and make it whole.  Take that Darwin!

Survival of the fittest is Darwin.  Survival of the broken is God.  It is a constant struggle:  is it about me or is it about us?.  God help me to overcome my instinct and pass the duct tape.


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