New Direction

I have two blogs: One devoted to my experience as a VACTERL parent and one devoted to life in general. It is this blog, the one that is devoted to life in general, that I wish to take in a new direction.

But first, a word on why I write. I don’t consider myself a typical blogger. I don’t write purely for the joy of writing. As can be seen by my frequent breaks, I do not feel the need to constantly write. Writing for me is about clarifying my own thoughts. There is something about the writing process that makes me confront my beliefs and helps to focus them. My positions change over time and I use writing as a tool to explore my personal evolution.

It is because I am making a fundamental change in lifestyle that I feel the need to pick up the “pen” and write again.

I am overweight.

Not just overweight, obese.

At my highest, my BMI was 37.7. One month into my recovery, my BMI is 36. In order to be considered merely overweight, my BMI would have to be 29. That is roughly 56 lbs. less than my current weight. To be considered healthy, I would need a BMI of no more than 24 or a total loss of 96 lbs.

That is all I am going to say about numbers for now, because numbers obscure the real problem. The problem cannot be measured by a scale, though this is a useful tool. The problem is I have lost all control over part of my life. No simple change is going to lead to a course correction. I can no longer tweak some habit and return to health. I am not merely off the path, I am deep in the wilderness with no path in sight.

So this is the beginning. This is where I start.



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