Blog #700

Not sure how I missed this. But at some point last week, I wrote my 700th post.  If you can’t have quality, go for quantity!


5 comments on “Blog #700

  1. May I ask you to tell us some much more important stats:
    (1) How many subscribers do you have?
    (2) How many return visitors do you average? ( gets you that)
    (3) How many of your top-ten “All Time” Search terms have anything to do which what your are really writing about? Mine are: Santa, Dora the Explorer, Buddha, Ganesh, Hinduism, Mushroom Cloud, Shiva, Reincarnation, Wander above the sea of Fog, Celtic Cross. Oh yeah, # 11 is “Jesus”.
    (3) How many times a week does your wife or kids yell at you to get off the [damn] computer?

    Oh yeah: congratulations on number 700 ! WordPress is smart to give their rats little rewards for correct behavior. 🙂

    PS: when are you going to combine your blogs?

  2. 1) According to WordPress I have 65 followers, but I find that hard to believe. I think it is more like 10-15.

    2) I will have to try statcounter. Just eyeballing my graph it is 7-8 on a non-post day, 20-30ish when I publish.

    3) I have a lot of singleton searches. The greatest number of searches is on the word VACTERL, but that is only 4. Actually my VACTERL blog gets a lot more traffic. Probably because it is a rare disease and I think I am the only father (on the planet) that blogs about it.

    3, the second one) My wife constantly. My son is 10 times worse than me. He has a website for gaming. He has about 200 followers.

    PS) This blog has pretty much everything. My other blog is just VACTERL stuff. I don’t want to be too religious on that one because I don’t want to offend anyone that might be in crisis.

    Thanks for reading. I blog because I have to write to keep sane. It is very gratifying that other people read my ramblings. But mostly I am just trying to clarify my own thoughts and emotions. My brain is a disorganized mess. Writing helps.

  3. (2) is that 20-30 total page views on days that you publish?

    Ah, I see the importance of keeping religious stuff off the VACTERL site.
    Keep up the good therapy dude!

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