Nerdy thought for the month

OK, I saw Phantom Menace with my son last night. In 3D, it is still a deeply mediocre movie.

As if seeing the movie weren’t nerdy enough, I began analyzing the spirituality of the various characters. It gets worse. My analysis? JarJar Binks was the most spiritually pure of the characters. All the other characters were in touch with “the Force”, but if I am not mistaken all of them had secondary motivations be they political, a code of honor, prophesy or freedom. They all were using their spirituality as a tool to accomplish selfish motives. All but one.

JarJar lived in the moment. It could be argued that he did not have any agenda or goals. He just went with the flow and yet, at every term fortune seemed to smile on him. Even his mistakes were used for good.

I really need a new hobby.

Here endeth the sermon. The word of Jedi for the people of Naboo; thanks be to the force.


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