Somewhere in this blog post and the attached podcast is the secret to the universe.


WNYC RadioLab has done an amazing podcast concerning “JoyBubbles” (AKA: Joe Engressia Jr., 1949 – 2007 ):  A boy born blind, abused by Catholic nuns but who climbed out of the damage using an amazing skill to find success in life.  BUT, and here is the rub, in the end he rejects his success to return to a higher priority — his inner life and to again embrace childhood.

JoyBubble’s story starts at the 48 minute mark on this podcast.  The last few seconds of the podcast is JoyBubbles speaking the following:

“Yeah, there is help. If you’d like an imaginary friend, a bunch of them come that are just looking for someone to love and play with and talk to. And, so all you have to do is any quiet day, just get quiet and ask for one. Know that the kind you like will come and…

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