Big Time

I feel so grown up.  I bought the domain  Now I am a legitimate idiot.


4 comments on “Big Time

  1. That is hilarious. Why did you buy it? What are the advantages?
    We would expect the village idiot to misspell village: Heck, idiot has 2 “i”s in it, why not village? Besides, after kicking god out of your life, you are probably filling it with a little more “I” anyway.
    [ouch, just joking — or is it too early?]

    Heck, splurge, buy another domain with the correct spelling.
    Are you going to fix the layout now and get rid of all those stupid tag/category stuff at the top of your blog — including VACTER[A]L spelled two ways! 🙂

    And when the heck are you going to add me to your blog roll?

    Oh, yeah, congrads on your new domaine !

    • LOL…Silly Sabio, you assume this was a rational choice made after careful consideration and not an impulsive purchase made in a moment of haste. Luckily I am only out $24 bucks. 🙂 As to the other feedback, thanks…I will take a look.

      • ROFL — and I thought I was the only irrational operator out there. I figured that among other bloggers my irrationality was an exception. It is fantastic to know I am in such good company.

        If you are only out $24 — then I would forego 8 more StarBuck coffees and splurge on an account with the correct spelling so that you don’t have to readdress this issue for the next ten years. Heck, and from watching your writing and photoshopping, you probably drink 4 Starbucks a day.

        Take Motrin for headaches if you are going off coffee. Your wife may find you a little cuter when you are less manic !

        All very playfully — Sabio

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