Gimme that Ole Time Religion?

There is an old song called “Give Me That Old Time Religion.”  It goes as follows:

Give me that old-time religion,

Give me that old-time religion,

Give me that old-time religion,

It’s good enough for me.

Here is my question:  To which religion does the writer refer?

The religion where humanity was cursed for wanting to be like their creator?

The religion where all but a handful of humans and animals are drowned?

The religion that prescribed animal sacrifice for assuaging the God’s anger?

The religion that prescribed genocide as the solution for settling an already populated area?

The religion that will condemn the vast majority of humanity to eternal suffering if they do not utter the magic sinner’s prayer?

The religion that condoned conversion by sword?

The religion that burned people at the stake?

The religion that scarred countless generations?

Is that the one?

Maybe, just maybe it is NOT good enough.

Maybe the institutions that were charge with facilitating spirituality have utterly and completely failed us.

Maybe it is time to reexamine.

Maybe it is time to rethink.

Maybe it is time to imagine.

7 comments on “Gimme that Ole Time Religion?

      • rim-shot!
        before I settled back into a comfortable atheism I belonged to a Gaelic tradtiion coven, and went as far as becoming a high priestess. Loathed the term Wiccan. It sounds like teen-agers palying around with supposed love potions and calling themselves ‘Isis Ponybubbles’ or ‘Sunshine Dragonsmiles.’ Ugh.
        Considered myself a nice normal witch.
        Ultimately I gave that shit up too. With all of the ritual, incense, meditation, prayer I might as well have been a fucking Episcopalian.
        Just another religion, simply not as organized heh.

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