Spooky Spells (alternative title: Altered States)

I had lunch with a friend today.  We were kidding around when the topic of religion came up.  We have similar backgrounds and have complementary world views.

He said something that, while making me laugh, took me to another place and time, when I was another person.  It would be like watching someone brush their teeth with Preparation-H.  It’s funny, but gross.

If you have ever heard these words, I guarantee you positive or negative you will have a visceral response.  Fair warning…I am about to cast the spell….look on at your own peril.

Now I would like every head bowed and every eye closed with nobody looking around.

Welcome back.  How was your magical mystical tour?


2 comments on “Spooky Spells (alternative title: Altered States)

  1. *I* was looking around. That’s why God invented fingers… so you could peek from between them when you pretended like you were deep in prayer. Maybe that’s why I’m going to hell.

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