Diet Guru

Only December 31st, I went on a diet.  I have already lost 10lbs.  And the amazing thing, I have not been hungry!  I think I will write a book…  Well, perhaps not since the target audience would be only me.  It’s kind of a limited publishing market.

How did I do it?  I gave up milk.  Amazing!  Until of course you ask one simple question:  How much milk did you drink.  That is where my millions in book revenues evaporates because I am probably the world’s only milk addict.  I drank a lot.

I did a little simple math.  I drank on average, a half gallon of milk a day.  No, I am not kidding.  That is 64 ounces of milk or roughly 8 glasses.  Again, yes, I drank THAT much.  Now for the most part I drank skim.  But that is still roughly 90 calories a glass.  Which means…

…wait for it…

I was taking in 720 calories a day from milk alone.  If I was eating a normal diet (and it was anything but normal), my total calories a day should be roughly 1800 calories.  That is 40% of my calorie allotment (not that I ever stuck to 1800).

No wonder I have problems with my weight!  Plus milk was my gateway drug.  I always had to have something else to eat with it and it was almost always carbs (cookie or crackers).  Without the milk, I no longer crave the other crap.

Now I am not going to declare this a success yet.  I have only been at it for 10 days.  But it is so funny that I never sat down and did the math on the empty calories I was consuming. Also you do not go through the DTs when you quit milk.  I do miss it.

It has made me wonder though.  What other mindless actions am I taking that are bad for my health.

Milk for thought


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