Nothing Moves…This Week

This week was a roller coaster ride.  Thankfully, it is over.  Sunday the world is fresh again.

“Gray Day….Everything is gray.

I watch. But nothing moves today.”…Dr. Seuss

Monday was one of those days that I felt wholly inadequate as a parent.  Ethan has struggled with his whole life with urinary continence.  What most children master by age two is bedeviling us at age 10.  So we dutifully dragged him down to Children’s Hospital for another round of testing.  There were three tests of which I will spare you the detail.  But suffice to say they were invasive in the extreme.  If I were having the tests myself I would feel humiliated and exposed.  I can only imagine what goes through a 10 year old boys mind.

We got some good information, but the emotional cost took a huge toll.

Tuesday I went back to work, but in hindsight that may not have been a wise choice.  I was a basket case.  In addition to managing the work I missed, my boss wanted me to deal with a human resource issue.  I politely declined.  I am dumb; but I am not stupid.

Things got better as the week went on, but I was completely unproductive.  When you are dealing with quality of life issues, work seems so pointless.

I slept most of my Saturday away.  I feel better now.


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