My Favorite Seuss

Dr. Seuss, Steve Johnson, Lou Fancher

Random House Digital, Inc., Aug 20, 1996

Some days are yellow.

Some are blue.

On different days I’m different too.

You’d be surprised how many ways

I change on Different Colored Days.

On Bright Red Days how good it feels

to be a horse and kick my heels!

On other days I’m other things.

On Bright Blue Days I flap my wings.

Some days, of course, feel sort of Brown.

Then I feel slow and low, low down.

Then comes a Yellow Day and Wheeee!

I am a busy, buzzy bee.

Gray Day….Everything is gray.

I watch. But nothing moves today.

Then all of a sudden I’m a circus seal!

On my Orange Days that’s how I feel.

Green Days. Deep deep in the sea.

Cool and quiet fish. That’s me.

On Purple Days I’m sad. I groan.

I drag my tail. I walk alone.

But when my days are Happy Pink

it’s great to jump and just not think.

Then come my Black Days. MAD. And loud.

I howl. I growl at every cloud.

Then comes a Mixed-Up Day. And WHAM!

I don’t know who or what I am!

But it all turns out all right, you see.

And I go back to being…me.


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