Today is clinic day.  Once or twice a year we go to Childrens National medical center to the spina-bifida clinic to see all of Ethan’s specialists at once.  Ethan does not have spina-bifida per say, but VACTERL has a lot of the same issues.In addition to meeting with the doctors, he has a number of test schedule.  Our agenda looks something like this:
MRI (under sedation)
Clinic (urologist, orthopedic, gastro interologist and neurollogy)
Spinal xrays
Bladder ultrasound

It is 9 right now…Ethan is knocked out in another room getting his MRI.  We had breakfast at the cafeteria, but it was gross.  So now we are back in the waiting room.

Hopefully it wll be a routine visit.  It is very much like getting you teeth cleaned.  If everything goes well, we will be out by 4.  If the find a “cavity”, we will have surgical consults and more tests.  We shall see…

11:20…Ethan woke up an angry drunk.  He was screaming about his butt hurting.  It takes about an hour for him to regain his humanity.  We are waiting for xrays now.  He is fidgity, but otherwise comfortable.

12:56…we caught a lucky break and got into xray early.  We may get out of here by 3 instead of 6.

All that is left is the clinic itself.  We are in the waiting room now.  I am always humbled when I see the variety of children with disabilities in the waiting room.  While at times thing can be challenging for Ethan, Jenn and me, it could have been much much worse.

Ethan is in a much better mood, but still a grouch.  The angry drunk has been pacified.

1:47… Xanex is a wonder drug.  For the past 4-5 years that we have been coming to childrens, I was a nervous wreck.  But today, am am cruizing along with no probs.  Mello is good.

2:07…Urologist…one doctor down two to go.  The want a urodynamic test.  Thankfully, not today.

5:44…we are home.  All in all an uneventful day, for which I am thankful.

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