Attitude Adjustment

Denial is an interesting phenomenon.  After getting my annual review, I was really pissed off that I got dinged for being hostile and abrasive.  My reaction was the same as it has always been:  Yes, I lose my temper every now and then; but it is no worse than other managers in the organization.  Why do they always ding me?

I wanted to write it off to just having a bad reputation that is not deserved.  But upon further reflection, it kind of dawned on me.  What if, and I know it is a stretch, they have been right all along and you just too pig headed to see it in yourself.




So I decided to maybe take a deeper look.  I started going to therapy again.  This is my fourth crack at therapy.  The first time, right after college, was very successful.  But the last two therapists I tried were duds.  But this time I got lucky again.

How did I know I had a winner?  I did a complete brain dump of what I thought was the problem:  medical issues, work stress & stupid people.  At the end of the first session which went way way way more than an hour, my therapist said:  Wow, you seem to be deeply conflicted between your religious upbringing and your current religious convictions.




OK, see you next week.


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