, I declare a thumb blog

I am trying something new today, mobile blogging.  At the moment I am in the bus queue waiting for the…ah there it is.

Ahhhh air conditioning!

“Love Stinks” is on my iPOD.  I am reminded of a staff retreat I attended when I worked at Bethany.  We were asked to share our favorite love song.  I was single at the time…in a dead-end job.  My coworker who was in the seat next to me,  was in the same boat, suggested “Love Stinks.”  Perfect!

At the time, I really believed that.  I had roughly 4 more years of desperate loneliness before I met “The One.”

Since that time, I have had plenty of heartbreak.  But loneliness and fear of love are no longer part of my life.

I think all too often we equate love with happiness.  If life is a meal.  Happiness is a dollop of whipped cream on the dessert.  Most of the meal is pleasant enough.  There are definitely many burnt/raw courses.  But every now and then you get a serving of sweet creamy happiness.

Love on the other hand is your dinning companion.  The person(s) you choose to relish your meal with or bitch about the soggy peas with.  Regardless of food quality, you have someone to laugh or gag with.

The people I host this little sware with are the center of my life.  I love them desperately.

But I think I need to invite more guests.  There is a ton of space at the table.

Comments encouraged!

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