Mixed Bag

This is going to be one of those postings where I just start writing until something clicks.  It may just be random mush.

I just found out that one of my professors is college died suddenly.  He had heart surgery on Friday to remove a benign tumor.  I am not sure what happened, but apparently he died of complications.  I had Dwight my first year.  He taught history of civilization 1 & 2.  Truth be told, I did not like either class.  But then he and I developed a friendship in of all places, chapel.  By my second year of college, I had migrated to the back of chapel.  I became an observer instead of a participant.  Dwight was another observer.  We did not talk much, but we sat together most days.  It was like one of those comfortable relationships you develop with a waitress or grocery clerk.  You are comfortable being around them and dialog is almost unnecessary.  We did not keep in touch after I graduated.  But I am none the less sad to hear of his passing.

Thursday of this week I worked from home because the AC went out and I had to wait for the service person.  They were schedule to come between 12 and 4.  But it was 730 when the technician showed up.  The fan motor was burned out, but he did not have the part.  Because it was a holiday weekend, we did not expect to get AC before Tuesday.  The technician was very apologetic.  I told him to worry about it.  We chit chatted about the other stops he had that night over a glass of water.  The next day the part came in early and we were back up and running.  It was a very pleasant surprise.

Yesterday we visited the new dog park in town.  Friday, the dog, was a bit apprehensive at first.  He stuck near us most of the time.  Only one other dog was there during our visit.  They did the customary dog sniffing, but did not really hit it off.  How fitting, a dog with social anxiety has a dog with social anxiety.  I think we both need to continue visiting the park.

I found something really outstanding on the net this week.  It is called the Khan Academy.  It is a series of teaching programs on a wide range of subjects.  One of them was chemistry.  I dropped out of high school before taking chemistry.  I would have taken it in college had I not transferred to Bethany.  I love science.  But there has been this gaping hole in my science education.  So I am teaching myself chemistry.  Who knows, I might ever take the college level organic chemistry.  Strike one up for the old dog.

I close this entry with my sons ongoing medical challenges.  We are missing church today because he had a fever in the night.  He has had flu like symptoms all day.  Normally, I would just chalk this up to normal childhood illness, only this is about the 5th fever he has had in roughly six weeks.  I am a bit spooked that something else is going on.  We will take him in for his regular appointments later this summer.  Hopefully it will shed some light on this reoccurring event.

So that, as they say, is that.  No earth shattering insights this week.

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