This disease brought to you by, Snickers.

It is now officially Netflix season.  Actually for my family it has been for several weeks.  Every summer after the TV season ends, my wife and I find a TV show on Netflix that we never watch when it was on TV and watch every episode in order.  Last summer it was “Roswell.”  This summer the show is “Grey’s Anatomy.”

You might find it interesting that I love medical dramas, especially because I live one.  But when it comes to fake blood and guts, I cannot get enough.  I used to watch “Trauma Life in the ER,” but it was too gory for my wife.

I digress.

So the other night we were watching the 3rd season of “Grey’s Anatomy.”  The specific episodes were “Six Days” part 1 & 2.  So imagine my surprise when they show a teenage girl with VATERs…hold the phone…what did they just say.  Yep, they had a patient with VACTERAL Syndrome.  They did not pull any punches either.  The girl was bitter because she could no longer stand up straight.  The surgical interns were fighting over who got to treat her.  It was almost like a circus sideshow.

They showed the girls back and it really looked like my son’s.  (The actress was played by one of the actresses on the show “Parenthood”…I really do watch too much TV.)  Anyway, I am seeing bits of my life portrayed on screen, insurance rejections and all.

You would think I would have found the episode upsetting.  But strangely enough, I felt validated.  Yes, my kid has a real disease.  Other families struggle with the same crap we do.  I did not feel sad in the least bit.

This is surprising because I cry at Hallmark commercials.  Yes, I am a manly man.  So sue me.

I was really surprised at the dignified way in which they portrayed the situation.  It had a happy ending, but not syrupy sweet.

Anyway…the world is aware of VACTERAL, well Grey’s Anatomy viewers anyway.

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