I am a bit behind on my blogging, so some of my memories of this trip may be purely a figment of my imagination.

I went to see a taping of the Colbert Report a couple of weeks ago.  I spent roughly 24 hours in travel to attend a ½ hour taping.  It was totally worth it.  (Side note: I only had to pay $27 round trip for transportation)

I did notice though that I have a strong version of the male TV gene.  Here I am at a live taping with the actual actor not 20’ away from me and I am looking at the TV monitors.  I could have done that at home.  Luckily I caught myself and started observing my real surroundings.

Other highlights…NY style pizza, good Tai food, good beer and hanging out with some good friends.

Low lights…I totally blew off a homeless person when I got back to DC.  I get downright mean when I don’t get enough sleep.

But all in all, it was a great trip.

2 comments on “Truthiness

  1. You forgot the scary/illegal cab ride.

    I don’t think it was the Male TV Gene. I thought I was spending too much time watching the monitors too. I about was considering it later and the show really does rely much more heavily on graphics than we gave credence. A lot of the “funny” stuff were sight gags that we could *only* see on the monitor (and he didn’t even do a segment of The Word). When he did the interview with the Mythbusters guys (which isn’t so graphics-intense), I watched Colbert & the guests instead of the monitor. But yeah, I caught myself doing the same thing.

    I mentioned that homeless person in my blog. Felt like crap about it later. It’s tough being sympathetic when it’s 4 AM and you’re hit up for loose change.

  2. OMG…someone actually commented. The rapture is indeed upon us.

    Ah, the illegal racist cab driver…I remember it well.

    If my worst fears are realized and there is a giant Jumbotron on judgement day, I am sure the homeless guy will have top billing. I am such a schmuck. It did leave an impression though. I have started carrying cash again, just in case I come across another homeless person.

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