I agree, but you are wrong!

At work, I work on 7 different projects with 3 other PMs.  One of the seven projects is cursed.  It is a behemoth and is nearly impossible to manage. The position of Sr. PM on the projects I call “Defense Against the Dark Arts.”  Every 18-24 months, whoever is holding the position goes start raving mad.  To extend the metaphor, I am Severus Snape.  I have worked on the project 17 years, but I have never held to top position.  But that has nothing to do with the theme of this entry.

The latest Sr. PM is driving me nuts.  He has an extremely thick “Freedom” accent.  Occasionally he will use a common word, but for the life of me, I will not understand.  One example is the word “buffer”.  It took me a couple of days to realize that is what he meant by “boofer”.  Anyway, we are still in the getting to know you phase of our work relationship.  But we are constantly arguing.  About what you might ask?  It is just normal day-to-day work items.

Here is the meat of this entry.  We argue, sometimes more than 20 minutes, when we are in total agreement.

Me:  The sky is blue

Him:  No no no, the sky IS blue

Me:  Yes, I agree

Him:  I am telling you it is blue!

Me:  I know it is definitely blue!

Him:  Perhaps you don’t understand; it is blue.

Me:  Clearly I am missing something.

Him:  No, no, no it is blue!!

Me:  Meh, Whatever.

Exit stage left.

I have never before in my life argued about agreeing with someone.  On my planet, we only argue when there is disagreement or conflict.

I keep expecting Spock with a goatee to jump out of the woodwork.  But I do not recall being involved in a transporter accident.

Him:  No it is Spock!!!

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