I have pretty much had it with organized religion. I attend services, but my mind is not on what is going on. It is my time of “Personal Reflection.”

But I am intrigued by Buddhist philosophy. Specifically that suffering is a constant in the world. The root of suffering is desire.

When I was studying theology, I came across a passage in a book, long forgotten. The author asserted that all sin branches off one; thou shalt have no other gods before me. I bought into that way of thinking for a long time. But I have pretty much dismissed the idea of a personal god. So that line of thinking no longer holds meaning for me.

But desire is universal. Wanting things or wanting power over people causes suffering. In this paradigm, religion itself becomes problematic. We want others to believe the way we do. We are threatened by those that we consider “the others.”

I can do nothing to reduce the world’s desire for stuff. But I can change myself.

I really really want to change…oh, wait…never mind.


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