Bonus Illness

September/October have been very interesting.  Remember the Ginsu commercial?

We’ll give your child VACTERL Syndrome at no cost to you.* But wait there is more.  We’ll also send you                                 food/environmental allergies and eosinophilia esophagitis.

*except never ending maintenance.

Ethan is in near constant pain with his esophagitis.  He has only gone to school 3 days this year.  We are trying to tutor him, but it is not the same.  The doctor at Johns Hopkins has put him on a liquid diet for the next two months.  Hopefully he will heal up.  I am shocked, but Ethan is OK with the diet.

My parents came out from Colorado to help out.  I am grateful for their help.  But their near constant bickering is driving me batty.  I admire them for staying together while I was a child. But now that they are retired, what is the point?  Life is too short to spend with someone you loath.

We are having house guests in addition to my parents this weekend.  All the arrangements were made before the flare up.  So we did not feel like we could cancel their trip from California.  They are great people and I will have some fun.

But on the bright side, I saved a bundle on my car insurance…no, not really.

2 comments on “Bonus Illness

  1. Only 3 days? Holy Smokes. these kids and their GI tracts push their parents to early graves I tell ya! Hope they have a plan and that the liquid diet works. Benji does “okay” as long as we keep his reflux from further irritating his esoph., but it’s pretty sucky to go around with a feeding pump on your back for your whole. darn. life.

  2. Luckily, the county is now sending a homebound teacher. We are hopeful that his Doc up at Hopkins will allow him to go back next week. If all else fails, we can sell him to the circus. I heard they need a new cannon boy. 😉

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