This week on planet Earth

This is it, surgery week.  Each of Ethan’s surgeries has come with its challenges.  This time it is that he has to fast for 4 days.  He can have liquids, but I cannot imagine that making much of a difference.

Over the weekend, we took him to Hershey Park.  Today Jenn is taking him to our local water park.  He is allowed to eat whatever he wants today.  20 Oreos?…enjoy.

I am a bit sad, but this surgery is going to make a huge difference in our lives.  For the first time in his life, Ethan will be able to manage his own medical issues.  Not that he won’t need help, but doing and supervising are two very different things.  It may even give Jenn and I the opportunity to be away for a night.  We have only been away one night his entire life.  I suppose it would be better had we lived closer to family, but that is just not possible at the moment.  I am hoping that real healthcare reform will be passed that will allow for a little more flexibility as far as jobs go.

I am rambling.  I used to able to write.  I think my muse was killed in a drive by a couple of years ago.  Oh well, I mostly write to get obsessive thoughts out of my brain.  I do a mind dump and feel better.



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