Gonzo Week

Last week was one crazy week. Hmmm…where to start. So starting on Sunday, I had to fly to Orlando for a conference. I drove myself to the airport and left my car in long term parking, fully expecting to drive it home when I returned. More on that later

I checked in and went through Security. I rode the tram to the main concourse and realized I had left my Blackberry back at security. D’oh! Luckily after I rode the tram back, a TSA agent was holding it. Back on the tram and into the skies. I had an uneventful flight and subsequent ride to “the happiest place on earth.” I did not get a room in the conference hotel, but I did get one in the nearby Disney Yacht Club. It sounds impressive, but really it is a glorified Holiday Inn. I had the afternoon and evening to explore the boardwalk. Everything Disney is larger than life. The staff is uber friendly…almost sickeningly sweet.

I got a good nights sleep and then started the conference. There were over 3000 participants. I have never attended something on that scale. During my second seminar, my phone rang. It was Jenn, the van had broken down. She managed to get it to the shop. They did a patch job and sent her on her way. Two days later…it croaked again.

The rest of the conference was uneventful. Some of the seminars were good…others??? Well public speaking is not everyone’s talent. On the last day, I split a cab with my coworkers to the airport. There flight was two hours earlier than mine, so it gave me time to shop. Unfortunately the plane broke down (I sense a theme). Yada yada yada…8 hours…home…no car…wife had to take it because of broken van. I took a cab home.

Next day at work was…work. We picked up the van and they “thought” it was fixed. 20 minutes later, the transmission gave out. They wanted 3k to fix it. I laughed. I was 3 payments from being car payment free…but it was not to be. I traded in the van for $750 and I was glad to get it. We got another Altima. No more vans for me.

Other than that, it was an uneventful week.

By Ben Posted in Life

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