Senior Smoothy Buns

We got a dog.  Jenn finally broke and let me get one.  It took 14 years, but I prevailed.  But don’t let her kid you, she loves him too.

His name is Friday, even though we got him on Saturday.  It was Ethan’s idea and we liked it much more than his other suggestion which was Senior Smoothy Buns.  Given those choices, I think we choose well.

Friday is a year old.  He comes from a breeder, but he is not “show quality.”  Psttthhh.  Phooey on that. 

The nice thing is that because he is older he is house broken (well 90% of the time) and we did not have whimpering all night his first night.  Friday is a bit timid, to put it mildly.  I think he may have been neglected by the breeder.  He was shaking and cowering the first half of the week we got him.  Since then he has really warmed up to us.  He put on weight and started acting more like a dog.  He and I go for walks several times a day and he is a good heeler. 

Today he is mad at me cause I took him to the vet.  They put unspeakable things in unspeakable places.  Oh well, it is all part of being in a family.

The next trip the vet he will hate me even more.  He will likely bark in a soprano voice.  Awe nuts!



3 comments on “Senior Smoothy Buns

  1. dude! What a great Poodle… now you have to read, Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck – about his journey to rediscover America with his poodle. One of his best works!

    I heart dogs. Jenna and I were just commenting tonight how much we miss Encore. We need another one…. we’ll get through this whole adding an Ethiopian child to our family thing first though!

    • lol…after adopting a child, a dog should be a piece of cake.

      Friday is “like” a child every thing left on the floor gets smelled and chewed. At least I won’t have to watch Barney again.

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