Maloney Baloney

This is your gut
This is your gut

Today has been all about meetings, one right after another.  I am sitting at my desk for the first time today.  I need to think about something other than work.  So I blog.


We just got a surgery date for Ethan.  He is having a Malone procedure.  Unlike all of his previous surgeries, everyone involved is looking forward to this one.  Not only will it give him some degree of independence, it will give all of us a much needed break.  No one enjoys the enema.  It will not be missed.


This will be our first surgery at Children’s Hospital.  While I am no big fan of DC, they are the most qualified doctors in our area.  Hopefully we can find a motel near by or stay in the Ronald McDonald house (otherwise it is about 1.5 to 2 hours in traffic). 


…off to my next meeting.


2 comments on “Maloney Baloney

  1. Maloney baloney…sheesh you crack me up.

    In my state of anxiety cuckoobananas with the upcoming urology appointment I’m considering a desperate ploy – using the possibility of the Malone as an excuse for not getting the mitrofanoff just yet. I mean, what if we need that appendix for something more?!

    Glad you have a date, but sorry you have a date. I know what it means to put it on the calendar and begin the countdown…even when it’s for something so positive.

    – becca

  2. Yeah, it would just be my luck. In two years they discover a cure for birth defects but it requires untampered with appendix tissue.

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