Average Joe

I teach Sunday school.  I am pretty good at it.  But I hate the curriculum and I am not sure I believe it myself.  But that is not my story.


I teach second grade, which is Ethan’s class.  So I just got to watch him for a while.  He was paling around with his friends, getting into occasional mischief, normal stuff.  When it was time for the large group Ethan was one of the first to sit down.  All of the other boys sat right beside him and they started cutting up again.


And I could not have been happier.


I hear a lot of people longing for the good old days (1950s June Cleaver).  I remember the 70s.  They were not kind.  As I recall, at every stage/grade, there was always a kid who got picked on.  The kids were brutal…Lord of the Flies kinda stuff.


When Ethan was born and in the ensuing years, I was convinced he would be a target.  He is incontinent and wears a leg brace (ect…ect).  I figured he would be bullied mercilessly until he begged to be home schooled.


I could not be more wrong.  Now granted he is only 7.  But if anything, Ethan is a leader in many situations.  He is very popular.  The kids either don’t notice or don’t care that he wears a brace and no one suspects that he incontinent.  It is all taken care of discretely.


I am so happy that the world has changed.  I don’t want Eddie Haskell giving Ethan the “business.”

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5 comments on “Average Joe

  1. Loved your insight today Ben! Faith is like being bullied, yes? Do we have it because we have to or do we want it? Okay I know that wasn’t at all what you were saying but it’s a thoughtt.

  2. Have I told you lately how much I love your blog? I do.

    Just exactly what I need to hear as I’m going through my usual mental anxiety breakdown cuckoobananas as my son’s urology appointment approaches and I imagine him navigating his way through childhood peeing though a hole in his bellybutton.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the medical stuff is terrifying, but it’s the lifestyle stuff that breaks your heart.

    Maybe bellybutton peeing will be all the rage by the time he’s in school…

    Best wishes,

    • I am glad you like it. As I read over my own entries, I sometimes think I am going mad. Somehow, I manage to navigate my way through life. Sometimes it seems that grace is measured out in teaspoons.

  3. becca,
    I am having the procedure done (peeing through the belly buton). I am waiting to hear about the date. I was paralyzed 5 years ago from a car accident. i do on some level the issues you have with your son. let me know how the procedure goes and I’ll return the favor.
    Bens sister in law

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