The Saturday Greedies

For the most part, I am not a materialistic guy.  But once a week on Saturday morning, I read the sale ads.  Something crazy comes over me and I want want want.  My current obsession is flat screen TVs.  I bought my current TVs at Goodwill.  I just have this overwhelming desire to go high-end on my audio-visual equipment.


Luckily I am in my pajamas when I read the ads and by the time I take a shower and get around, the feeling passes.  God help me if I ever read the ads after my shower.


2 comments on “The Saturday Greedies

  1. hah! My aunt just told me last night that my folks just bought a SONY (!) 40in flat panel HD – DANG! I’m not jealous or anything sitting in front of the TV Jenna and I got as a wedding present. *sigh*

    • loll…you’re not helping! I got both of my TVs from Goodwill. I gave away the TV I had before I was married because it did not fit in the CABINET!

      Bitter?…Me?…never 😉

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