Another Christmas has come and gone.  Fortunately this one was not too painful. 


Jenn had to work most of Christmas Eve.  Ethan and I were pretty much on our own until after church.  Then we went to friends for dinner.  I did not want to go, but I am glad I did.  In the end, I had a really good time.


We got home about 9.  Ethan was exhausted from anticipation and collapsed in his bed.  I watch TV until about 11:30.  Then I went to bed and waited for Jenn to get home.  She got home about 1:00.  She came to bed about 1:30 and then we talked until 2:30 when we passed out.


Bright and early the next morning Ethan woke us to go open presents.  Jenn and I had about 2 presents each and Ethan of course had approximately 2000.  By 9:00 it was all over.


Jenn did laundry and packed for her and Ethan.  At 5am on the 26th they were gone. 


Life is somewhat on hold ‘till they come back.

By Ben Posted in Life

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