A Day In the Life


Yesterday.  Woof! 


Yesterday was a mess.  It started at about 12:45am.  Ethan had a bad asthma attack.  He came into our room and was barking.  I went to get his nebulizer, but he did not sound too bad.  By the time I got back to our room, Ethan was having a full on panic attack and was unable to breath.  I set up the nebulizer as fast as humanly possible.  He was freaking out.  I was on the brink of dialing 911.  I opened the outside door to drop the ambient temperature in the room.   And started steam.  Jenn managed to calm him down and the drugs started to work.  Hospital averted.


We had to retreat him every two hours for the rest of the night.


I had planned on working yesterday morning.  But I could not send Ethan to school and I was exhausted.  We managed to get him stabilized, so next on the agenda was his bi-annual visit to Children’s Hospital in DC.  I hate DC.  To reiterate, I hate DC.  To review, I hate DC.


We mapped out a new route to the hospital.  That part of the day went really well. 


Unfortunately the rest of the day did not go so well.  First up were a couple of routine X-rays.  It appeared to go ok.  But as I will explain soon…it was all wrong.


We went to the clinic and saw 5 groups of specialists.  Sometimes…we get conflicting data.  Good news was there was no alarming new information.  They may or may not increase his lift by 3mm, but not a big deal.


The appointment lasted from about one to about 5:30.  Right before we left, the orthopedic surgeons asked us to get another “quick” x-ray.  At about 6:45, we finally got called back.  The staff seemed a bit confused to see us again.  We finally found out why they were confused.  They x-rays they took earlier, were the wrong films…unnecessary exposure to radiation.  Great…then they took the “last” x-ray.  But there was a blur on the x-ray, so they had to take it again.  Double great…more radiation.



By this time it was after 7 (normal time for our “nightly ritual”).  We decided to wait out traffic and eat dinner in the hospital cafeteria…oh joy.  We got home at 8:30, did the “nightly ritual” and crashed at 9:30.


Thankfully, he slept through the night.  I am mentally exhausted, but physically ok.  I should be done for another 6 months.


3 comments on “A Day In the Life

  1. I am so glad he’s ok!!!!!!!

    What’s imperforate anus?

    I saw that phrase in your files and thought, “Gosh, it would be nice to really, honestly ask that question.”

  2. He was born with one hole short of a set. Basically there is no hole in the bottom. They had to give him a colostomy short term and then build a lower GI track.

    Now everything is connected but surgery never does as good a job as mother nature.

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