Wide Awake since 4am

I was sooooo looking forward to sleeping Friday night.  The plan was to sleep in till 8 or 9.  Ethan apparently had other plans.  He contracted another UTI, probably because he is not the best and scrubbing his hands before cathing.  At 4 he came into our room complaining of stomach cramps…oh no…here we go again.  We gave him ibuprophen and tried to get him to rest, but the pain became unmanageable.  So we packed up and headed for the ER.  As luck would have it, I was out of gas.  3 gallons of gas later, we were on our way.  I got stopped at the main intersection in town.  Not a car is sight, but still had to wait.  The Ethan said he needed to throw up.  Off to the side of the road.  A few minutes later, we continued our AM journey.  We got a block away from the hospital and he announces, “I feel better.”  U turn…head for home.  We no more pull into the driveway when he starts crying “ow…ow…ow.”  He throws up again.  He feels better again.  I decide that maybe gas and stomach pressure is exacerbating the issue, so we decide to start the enema.  Bingo! 


After I “fill him up,” he has to sit on the can for 40 minutes.  Normally he does some activity on a blue folding table.  Today, he has a pillow and is sleep-pooping. 


Which brings me to now.  Twelve minutes to go.


I need sleep.

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