And the winner is…

So I really intended to write about politics today.  Then I read a friends blog.  Someone who commented on his entry made a comment that I have heard all my life.  For the sake of argument, I will boil down the sentiment being expressed:  God is a Republican. 

I think I have been fairly honest about my struggles of faith.  For many, this is probably seen as a sign of weakness.  Frankly it is.  If I had any backbone, I probably would have tossed out faith long ago.  But nothing makes me want to abandon faith more that hearing people tie God to a political philosophy.

Sadly, I want to re-embrace faith.  But to me, many people of faith come across as hateful.  If faith means embracing all the baggage that comes with it…I will take hell.


2 comments on “And the winner is…

  1. Christianity is not a religion. Christianity is a relationship with God. We are not told to follow people, we are told to follow Jesus.

    However, as Christians we are commanded to love our brothers and sisters.

  2. Dearly beloved Ben:

    I write this in my own hand (well, type it with my own fingers), from my heart to yours:

    God is not a political being. He is not — thank God — Republican. He is not — thank God — Democrat. He is not — thank God — Independent.

    He is not — thank God — us.

    Transpolitical deity. Transcendent, period.

    And he puts up with idiots like all of us.

    Why — in God’s name –only she knows.

    I love you. Doubt = the ants in the pants of faith.

    As Buechner says.

    Enjoy voting today.

    Big hug,

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