Extreme Makeover, the car edition

Ok, I admit it.  I am a car slob.  I do not see cars as luxury items; but as tools.  That being the case, I am not out to impress anyone.  At time times this means my car looks like a garbage scowl.  Debbie can attest to this.  Well this time I let it go too far.  I bought my car in 2001 one.  Until today it was a car wash virgin. 


I just could not take it anymore.  My life has been in a state of disarray of late.  When I feel this way, I always look for something to clean.  This time it was the car.  I cleaned out the trash for over an hour.  Then I took it to the hand wash place.   Ahhhhhhhhhh!  It looks like a new car. 


Mission accomplished.

By Ben Posted in Life

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