Everybody must get stoned

Well today is the day we head out on our official vacation.  Everything was running smoothly until the wee hours of Thursday morning when I got a kidney stone.  This is about the fifth time I have had one.  Yowza to they hurt.  I was pretty much crippled all Thursday.  Friday it moved to a more comfortable position.  That is where it has remained.  I can mask the pain with Tylenol; which is good because I hate the side effects of narcotics.


I can’t wait to get to the beach but I am not looking forward to the 6 hour journey.  Maybe I will luck out and it will pass early.  Who knows.


One comment on “Everybody must get stoned

  1. I just love it when I sit at work and alternating laughing and crying. I can’t believe I’m still employed after reading your blog history. We also live our lives in 4 hour increments, fill up our county landfill with catheters/feeding pump supplies/enema solution, and struggle with our crumbled faith. I hope it only requires a $38 toy for our next urodynamics study!

    Anyways, we received your blog address on a IA chat last night. Nothing like a little butt talk to start off the week. Wish we had found so many VACTERL parents a year and a half ago- we might not have lost our senses of humor! Lori and Glenn

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