Days of our lives

As I write this I am sitting out on the front porch (78 degrees!) watching Ethan play with the neighbor kids.  It has been a good day.Ethan filled up 4 cath charts today.  The deal was when if he did not complain and\or cath’d himself, he could buy a wii game.  So he wanted to buy Mario kart.  Sounds easy enough.  We do live in a major metropolitan area…but no.  It was nearly an impossible task.  We went to 7 stores with no luck.  I think nintendo is purposely keeping supplies scarce to drum up buzz.  Finally we found one for “rent” at blockbuster.  Yeah, that baby is never going back.

After schlepping up and down northern Virginia, I wanted to hate this game.  Alas, it is the coolest game I have ever played.  Plus you can play anyone on Earth…Mars is to come. 

I spent the afternoon hanging curtains.  Pretty nice, if I do say so myself.  Penny’s wanted $800 a window for custom drapes…mmm…yeah…we ain’ the Gates.  So me and Bed, Bath and Beyond did it for a fraction of the cost.

Tommorow…another room and pack for the beach.

Peace out.


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