Just a moment

On a whim, I bought tickets to the National Symphony Orchestra.  We needed something to break the cloud of sadness that currently surrounds our house.  I really wish when they told us that we needed to begin cathing, that we just would have started right then.  The dread almost seems worse than the task itself.  I will let you know once the actual procedure has begun.


The concert was great.  Jenn and I by happy circumstance got the presidential box.  That box just happened to be the next box seat available online.  We had seats right center stage.  The sound was outstanding.  I think the acoustics were tune right to my chair.


It was nice, a brief moment of bliss.


I am reading a book called a New Earth.  It has been extremely helpful.  The author speaks about living in the moment.  This moment.  Right now.  I have to say it is an extremely effective way of putting the pain aside.  I am trying to quit borrowing sadness from the future.  Things may be bad any moment, but they are not now.  Now I am happy, listening to my wife play the piano, writing this entry, listening to the rain and feeling the coolness of the AC blowing on my arms.  Now is a good time.


One comment on “Just a moment

  1. I have not visited in awhile and it seems I have missed alot. Do you have my private blog for Lucy’s catheterization? We started 8 weeks ago and your words so clearly echo how we felt. And now we are coming, slowly, out the other side, and it is becoming so routine that we hardly think about it. email me at pipsersmom@Gmail.com if you want the link to that other blog.

    I need to go catch up on your writing now!

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