Blur II

I titled this entry Blur too, but for an entirely different reason.  This morning a Ugandan Children’s choir visited our church.   The singing and dancing were almost breathtaking.  Their choreography was so rapid that literally they were a blur at times.  And while they were dancing they were singing too.  Only children could move and sing at this pace and not pass out.


Watching them, a profound sense of gratitude swept over me.  I am so blessed; yet I take it for granted.  Had my son been born in Uganda, or anywhere in the third world for that matter, he in all likelihood would not have survived the first week.  Even if by some miracle he had had the first life saving surgery, his quality of life would have been greatly diminished. 


But because he was born into this family, he can take top medical care for granted and have a relatively normal childhood. 


While I may bitch and moan about the daily tedium required to keep him healthy, I am deeply grateful that for whatever the reason, I have the wherewithal to care for him.  Not everyone can say that. 


2 comments on “Blur II

  1. We Americans don’t fully-grasp the blessings of our every day lives. We complain about the high cost of gas when other countries have survived these costs and adjusted their lives…in most any area, we are blessed above others, yet we are often so dumb, fat, and self-involved that we don’t realize it. Your son is fortunate to not only live in America but also to have such devoted parents.

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