So I am in an angry troll kind of mood.


Ethan had his second urodynamics test today, but I could not go because we had an emergency at work (it is 7:15pm as I write this…I am still at work…waiting for customer confirmation).  The Urodynamics test is by far the most invasive test ever conceived of and I feel like a crappy dad for not being there.


Then I found out the results.  His bladder pressure is up.  He is only emptying a 1/3 of his bladder.  We are going to start catheterizations (cathing).  I guess I should feel lucky that we got to age 7 without cathing.  But right now I am just mad at the world.


Ethan took the news pretty well, but I am not sure he fully understands the dealio. 


I told Jenn she could bribe him with anything up to $100 to take the test without being pinned down.  He complied.  It only cost us $38 (a batting helmet, a new bat, a new ball, and an Oriels jersey).  I don’t deserve him.


Tomorrow I will probably be depressed.  Today I am pissed.


5 comments on “Cathy

  1. dude. that sucks. that’s like the third sucky thing i heard today. i hate when life is like this. makes we want to punch a wall. makes me want jesus to come back really soon. i wish i was there to take you out for a beer. but i’m not, so instead i’ll send some prayers up to the loving arms of the Father on your family’s behalf…

  2. Oh, Ben, I’m so sorry. Just sitting here bummed big time.

    I love you. I hope you punched something hard today. You deserve it.

  3. Ugh. UGH!

    I’m angry and I don’t even know yousall. I’m so sorry. Ugh.

    My kid’s bladder future is still in up in the air and I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the likes of catheters and bathroom habits. Like I told my girlfriend recently, the life-threatening stuff is terrifying but the life-altering stuff (especially bathroom-altering stuff) is heartbreaking. Just heartbreaking.

    Best wishes,

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