Life can take you some unexpected places.  When I was a kid, I always dreamed of getting a house in my parents’ neighborhood when I grew up.  My sister always looked to more distant horizons.  She was the bold one who went to school out of state.  I was the one who went to Junior College and only went out of state after she had blazed the trail.  I graduated from an out of state college, but only after withdrawing every year and then re-enrolling in the fall.  Family and Colorado was core to my identity.


Yet in an odd twist of fate, I am the one who ended up living on the other side of the country and my sister lives two blocks away from my parents. 


Now I love where I live now.  Virginia is beautiful and Ashburn is like living in a country club.  I have an awesome wife and a great kid.  But one thing is sadly missing, family.  I only have one cousin who lives in driving distance of my house (and I met her last year at my grandmother’s funeral).  Most of my family, both genetic and extended, lives in the west.


That is why this summer is such a treat.  My sister-in-law is staying with us for the summer.  She is officially the nanny to Ethan during the summer, but it would be nice even if she just hung out.  There is just something about family.  Friends are good, but family has some immeasurable quality that just cannot be quantified.


I am a happy camper.


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