Not like a horse?


Yesterday was Ethan’s clinical appointment day.  Thanks to my new best friend Maggie (our GPS); we made it to DC Children’s in record time (45 minutes). 


After waiting for about a half hour they took us to our room.  The cool thing about Children’s is that they have a flat screen TV in every room.  So in addition to a backpack full of toys for the day, we packed Star Wars movies.  Ethan and I were like pigs in slop.  Jenn, the more evolved family member, read her book.  Judging from the cover it was one of those renaissance books with women in frilly dresses pining for some guy in stockings who is dying of consumption.


No Earth shattering news…which is great news.  He does have to have another urodynamics test (another day).  But hey, who wouldn’t want a tube shoved up to their bladder and then pumped full of liquid until they almost explode.  Good times. 


At one point during his appointments, I almost laughed at an inappropriate time.  It is all part of being me.  The urologist was doing his physical exam and he noted that his penis was “unremarkable”.  To a man this is the equivalent to stabbing him in the eye with an ice pick.  Unremarkable indeed!


4 comments on “Not like a horse?

  1. Yay for being unremarkable! It sounds to me like you all do what we do – get all worked up preparing for the worst so that when it’s not quite the worst you can get excited about it.

    And, as I like to tell my husband when it comes to our son’s manly parts and the tests, “Well, honey, think of it this way – if it hurts, then maybe the tethered cord and syrinx haven’t destroyed all his innervation there!” Somehow this does not seem to cheer him up, though. Sigh. Men!

    I gotta say, urologists take the cake in the weird department, though. I have yet to meet one who I didn’t think to myself, “This might be the weirdest person I’ve ever met.” That’s saying a lot because I majored in performing arts in college so I’ve known some major freakos.

    Well, anyway, ramble ramble ramble. Very glad to hear you “squeaked by” once again!

  2. Gotta love good clinic visit days! Glad all is well.

    Thanks for the tip on the Ilex-we ran out on Thursday so I had to fork over $10 for a tube on Friday to apply to her nether regions. My surgeon gives us 3 tubes at a time for free so I think I’ll be going down to CHKD on Monday for a quick visit. Sounds like I am trying to score some drugs LOL

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