Marital Counseling?


Lord it is hard to be humble, when you are perfect in every way…


Hmmmm…let’s say I “overheard” a couple arguing about housekeeping.  The husband, we will call Binh recognized that with his wife returning to full time employment, it might not be a bad idea to have a housecleaner come twice a month.  The wife, call her Jinn, gladly accepted the proposal.


Both parties agreed, no problems right?  Hmmmm…yeah….hmmmmmm.


Let’s just say that by nature Binh is somewhat less than tidy.  OK, he is a pig.  So the night before the housekeeper comes Binh feels justified in wallowing in his own filth.


Jinn on the other hand would be appalled if the housekeeper came to clean a dirty house.  What would that say about the Riberts family?  So the night before the housekeeper comes she organizes the troops to pre-clean before the cleaning. 


Binh is weighing his options.  Would it be cheaper to hire a hazmat team to perform the pre-cleaning, have Jinn committed to the loony bin or suck it up and take one for the team?


I am just glad I am not entangled it this tragedy.  I think I will kick back, relax, and put my feet on the coffee table (with shoes on).

One comment on “Marital Counseling?

  1. Hey, in our house we call the cleaning ladies “marriage counselors” because that’s what it came down to – marriage counseling or cleaning help. A certain guy I know, let’s call him Mick, is a legendary slob. So legendary that when he runs into friends from his youth they are usually shocked to hear he is married because, “dude does she know what a slob you are?!”

    I, too, must clean before the cleaning ladies. I mean, it’s not like they put our stuff away or clean under the piles of laundry and papers. However, I do leave one special area for them to clean. It’s the make-or-break piece of our marriage puzzle – the toilet rim. I know for a fact that I’m not peeing on there and I’ll be divorced before I clean that up. THAT is what the marriage counselors are for…hurrah!

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