Memorial Day Dental Floss


It is a three day weekend; so I guess I will floss.


Work was good today.  The office was nearly deserted.  As a result I got more work done than expected.  I am enjoying a brief lull in activity since I am getting 2 more projects in June.  Eeek.  I am sort of dreading the new projects because it requires staff to be reallocated.  Some of the people working on my current project are going to have a mandatory transfer to the new projects.  I will be a popular guy…much like Ted Kaczynski.


I just finished reading Freakonomics.  It was an odd little book.  It was basically a series of studies that ran contrary to convention wisdom.  Some of the findings smacked of eugenics.  But the author swears that was not his intent. 


I am also reading a book call Stiff.  It is the history of the use of cadavers in research.  Believe it or not it is one of the funniest books I have read in a while.  The funniest section so far is when she describes attending a plastic surgery symposium where each of the participants shared a human head that was lying in a disposable turkey pan, sitting on a table with a light purple plastic party table covering.


John the Baptist never had it so good.

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