Concentrated Dread

Tomorrow we are going to Ethan’s Spina Bifida clinic.  When Ethan was a baby, we had 5-6 specialists that he saw on a regular basis.  Each doctor wanted their own set of tests.  It was Jenn’s full time job just lugging him around from appointment to appointment.  Then there was the dread each time they brought us results.  Occasionally they would say that things were normal, but most of the time they had bad news.  We were going crazy until his urologist suggested we attend the Spina Bifida Clinic she participated in. 


Ethan does not have Spina Bifida, but VACTERL is similar in many respects.  She pulled some strings and we were in.  Now instead of running around town seeing multiple specialists, we go in one exam room and the doctors rotate in.  They do tests in the morning and exams in the afternoon.


Tomorrow Ethan is having an MRI (under anesthesia) and having his hips X-rayed.  Hopefully there will be no news. 


I am a bit stressed though because I get several days dread all in one day.  This too shall pass.



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