Today’s Agenda:  Baseball, minor league, Frederick Key vs Potomac Nationals.  If you are not there, you are either dead or in prison.  So break out. 


Going to a minor league game is probably my favorite family outing.  Unlike the majors, minor league games are cheap and have a real family atmosphere.  It is a great way to spend an afternoon.


Yesterday I had to endure training.  We are getting a new software package at work and I had to listen in excruciating detail about all of the wonderful features.  I swear the curriculum was dumbed down to sub-moron level.  The instructor would repeat the point 3-4 times for each feature.  I surfed the internet, read my blackberry, IMd other coworkers all to no avail I was still bored out of my gourd.


I always get dinged come annual review time because I do not attended classroom training.  I read and do the research, but unless I kneel before a training guru, it is all for not.  Phhtttthhhh….like I care.


But none of that matters today because I get to hang out with my family, watch a game, chat with neighbors and generally just goof off.  Life is good.


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