Observing Excellence

My wife started a new job about two months ago.  She became the music director at our new church.  The first couple of weeks, she was really afraid that she was in over her head.  Several nights she came home in tears and cried that she was not the right person for the job.

Thankfully, I think those days are mostly behind us.  Today was Easter Sunday and it was pure joy for me to watch her work.  Everything was excellent.  The kids choir in particular blew everyone away.  This church had the kids sing once a month, but it was usually to a soundtrack and they were mostly screaming.  But today they were perfectly in tune and added so much to the worship experience.  I think many people were floored that these were the same children.

Anyway, it is fun for me to get to watch Jenn do something that I think she was born to do.  I can only image what will become of her ministry in years to come.  Watching her get to express her gift is itself a gift.


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