…in a bottle…

I am reading a book called “The Time Traveler’s Wife.”  It is about a guy that becomes “unstuck” in time.  He revisits key moments in his and others lives.  His wife gets visited throughout her childhood by her future husband.

I love the idea of time travel.  “Slaughterhouse 5” is another time travel book that I love.  I wish that it really was possible to revisit yourself in the past.  Not that I would want to make any changes.  It was a fluke that I met my wife.  Any tinkering with the past and she is pretty much out of the picture.

But I would like to go back as an observer.  It would be great to see my parents through adult eyes while they were raising me.  Seeing myself as a child and observing my own behavior would be endlessly fascinating.

For now, I am stuck in the now.  And that ain’t all bad.


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