Church was OK today.  I am not getting a whole lot out of it at the moment because I am not involved.  When you don’t go to anything but Sunday morning worship, you may as well be invisible. 

At this point I am kind of on the fence because I am not sure how to do what I want to do.  There are a ton of opportunities to serve in existing ministries, but I am not really interested in any of those.  I want to be part of a hospital fellowship.  I “think” I will get involved directly with the hospital, but it would be nice if I could somehow do it through the church so that I meet people.

 I will eventually figure it out…just not today.


One comment on “Invisible

  1. You could always start a hospital ministry… my wife felt the same thing after going through postpartum depression. She wanted a ministry that could meet the needs of women in her situation, and there are many…. so she just jumped through the hoops and made it happen. it wasn’t easy, and at times it down right sucked! but in the end, God has brought healing and care to a few key women in our church. It’s been cool to see God work through a difficult situation on our end to bring glory to himself.

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